How It Works

Earn up to 20% Commission everytime You referrs someone to Epicafri


Kindly apply for an affiliate program by registering


After your registration, login into your affiliate dashboard and generate your unique referral link.


Start Promoting your affiliate unique link to start earning commission each time your referral subscribe for a plan.


Below are list of frequently ask questions you can find below.

What is the Affiliate program?

Online affiliate marketing is a simple and cost-effective marketing model where you can post online offers on your own website and earn commissions on sales from any customer who purchases your book direct from Pearson after coming through your site.

Do you charge for registartion?

No, Epicafri registration is total free, we don’t charge affiliate to register

When do I get Paid?

Payments are processed every Month to your bitcoin wallet address.

How do i get paid?

As an affiliate you have the option of receiving monthly payments through your bitcoin wallet address or direct bank transfer. (For direct bank transfer please contact us)

Can i contact you for Special Offer?

Sure you can contact us ,as we are open to hear your offer. To contact us, you can send us an email or give us a call back.

Where can I check to see who signed up through my link?

You will be able to see this in your Affiliate Dashboard. Please go to the “Stats” tab and click on the “Payout History” This will show you every sale you’ve had since the beginning of your affiliate account.

What percentage do you offer?

You will get paid 10% For weekly package while 15% for monthly package and 20% for yearly package.

Is there a minimum payout amount?

Yes. The minimum payout amount required in order to receive payment is €50 for bitcoin and €100. It means that once you hit minimum €50 and €100 respectively in unpaid revenue, you will get your money during the next payout.

Why Epicafri?

It’s simple and Free to apply for an Affiliate account on epicafri #1 adult porn site in africa